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20th May 2023

What are Bingo Calls?

Bingo calls are a range of funny little bingo names for the numbers in play – kind of like slang words, puns, cheeky little nicknames and even cockney rhyming slang. They make the entire game more fun and engaging!

That means you’ll hear all kinds of funny bingo sayings, referring to ‘little ducks’, ‘cups of tea’ and ‘men alive’ – and although it might sound strange or confusing at first, these bingo calls will become second nature to you while playing!

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Bingo Call Numbers – The Complete List of Bingo Numbers and Sayings

Although over the years, some bingo calls have grown and changed according to the people playing or to current pop culture, most of the bingo names and bingo sayings have some standard and recognized names!

Here’s the full bingo calls list in the UK:

Number Bingo Call
1 Kelly’s Eye
2 One Little Duck
3 Cup of Tea
4 Knock at the Door
5 Man Alive
6 Half a Dozen – Tom Mix
7 Lucky Seven
8 Garden Gate
9 Doctor’s Order
10 (Prime Minister)’s Den
11 Legs Eleven
12 One Dozen
13 Unlucky for Some
14 Valentine’s Day
15 Young and Keen
16 Sweet Sixteen and Never Been Kissed
17 Dancing Queen
18 Coming of Age
19 Goodbye Teens
20 One Score
21 Royal Salute – Key of the Door
22 Two Little Ducks
23 Thee and Me
24 Two Dozen
25 Duck and Dive
26 Pick and Mix
27 Gateway to Heaven
28 In a State – Overweight
29 Rise and Shine
30 Dirty Gertie
31 Get up and Run
32 Buckle my Shoe
33 Dirty Knee – All the Threes – Fish, Chips and Peas
34 Ask for More
35 Jump and Jive
36 Three Dozen
37 More than Eleven
38 Christmas Cake
39 39 Steps
40 Life Begins
41 Time for Fun
42 Winnie-the-Pooh
43 Down on your Knees
44 Droopy Drawers
45 Halfway There
46 Up to Tricks
47 Four and Seven
48 Four Dozen
49 PC
50 Half a Century
51 Tweak of the Thumb
52 Danny La Rue
53 Here Comes Herbie – Stuck in a Tree
54 Clean the Floor
55 Snakes Alive
56 Shotts Bus
57 Heinz Varieties
58 Make them Wait
59 Brighton Line
60 Five Dozen
61 Baker’s Bun
62 Turn the Screw – Tickety-Boo
63 Tickle Me Sixty Three
64 Red Raw
65 Old Age Pension
66 Clickety Click
67 Stairway to Heaven
68 Saving Grace
69 Favourite of Mine
70 Three Score and Ten
71 Bang on the Drum
72 Six Dozen
73 Queen Bee
74 Hit the Floor
75 Strive and Strive
76 Trombones
77 Sunset Strip
78 39 More Steps
79 One More Time
80 Eight and Blank – Older callers might use ‘Gandhi’s Breakfast’ -“Ate Nothing”!
81 Stop and Run
82 Straight on Through
83 Time for Tea
84 Seven Dozen
85 Staying Alive
86 Between the Sticks
87 Torquay in Devon
88 Two Fat Ladies
89 Nearly There
90 Top of the Shop

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The 10 Most Well-Known (and Loved) Bingo Sayings

To non-bingo players, funny bingo calls can sound (at best) confusing and (at worst) completely bizarre.

But, behind some of the weirder bingo calls are cute, funny and interesting stories that explain how each bingo saying got to be where it is today.

  • Number 11 – Legs Eleven: this is one of those funny bingo calls that you need to think about for it to make sense: the number ‘11’ looks like a pair of rather shapely legs…hence the funny bingo saying ‘legs eleven’.
  • Number 88 – Two Fat ladies: just like with the bingo call above, ‘Two Fat Ladies’ needs you to look at the number 88…and realize that it kind of does look like two fat(ish) ladies standing next to one another!
  • Number 8 – Garden Gate: as we mentioned above, some bingo calls can change according to the people you’re playing with. ‘Garden Gate;’ is a funny bingo call for number 8, and is cockney rhyming slang (as it rhymes).
  • Number 7 – Lucky Seven: this one’s an easier bingo call to understand: the number ‘7’ is believed to be lucky across cultures and belief systems.
  • Number 13 – Unlucky For Some: Just as ‘7’ is seen as a number bringing good luck, most cultures view the number 13 as bringing nothing but bad…for some people at least.
  • Number 66 – Clickety Click: This one’s a funny bingo call for the punnists and linguists among you. The number ‘66’ sounds kind of like two clicks when you say it out loud…doesn’t it?
  • Number 1 – Kelly’s Eye: you won’t ‘get’ this one, unless you’re in the bingo call club: The ‘Eye’ is that of Ned Kelly, the Australian outlaw, who had only one eye. Other funny, rude bingo calls for 1’ include ‘at the beginning’, buttered scone’, ‘Little Jimmy’ and ‘Nelson’s Column’!
  • Number 4 – Knock At The Door: this one’s pretty self-explanatory, as this is a classic case of a rhyming slang bingo call!
  • Number 9 – Doctor’s Orders: this bingo call requires you to have a bit of British history knowledge. During the Second World War, a ‘Number 9’ was a laxative given to you by an army medic!
  • Number 30 – Dirty Gertie: this is both a case of rhyming slang, but also refers to a 1927 naked lady sculpture in north London, called ‘La Délivrance’.

Use your Bingo Calls

Of course, no game of bingo is complete without some of the best bingo sayings and bingo calls – play bingo today, and pay attention to the bingo calls you hear – and even make some up yourself!

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