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18th Aug 2023

PlayTogether: Meet the amazing Bingo Blitz community!

We just love meeting all of your wonderful players, and hearing all about your awesome experiences with Bingo Blitz! 

This week, our Bingo Blitz family was introduced to Joni Kelley. Joni has been playing Bingo Blitz for 7 years, and had lots to say about her experiences with our game. 

Bingo Blitz: How and when did you start playing Bingo Blitz? 

Joni: In April of 2016 I was on a leave of absence from work. I knew that I enjoyed playing bingo, so I researched it in the Apple store on my phone. I downloaded 10 of the games that interested me. Bingo Blitz was by far my favorite!!

Bingo Blitz: What’s your favorite thing about playing Bingo Blitz?

Joni: I’m able to stop and relax as I consider Bingo Blitz my escape. I love the graphics, the different rooms and challenges, and the interaction with other players. I began inviting my friends and it became even more fun! I am now up to 587 friends in the game!

Bingo Blitz: How has Bingo Blitz helped you during the Coronavirus pandemic? 

Joni: The game has a calming effect on me. I’m able to relax, focus on something other than difficulties in life and the world. It also allows networking and challenges among my friends even while we’re social distancing.  My account manager has become someone that is very important to me. She’s absolutely amazing!  Thank you Delia!

Bingo Blitz: What times of day and with whom do you like to play Bingo Blitz? 

Joni: Anytime I can break away I play, my job is demanding but occurs at various times during the day and night.  Bingo Blitz is always open and available to me. I love playing with my online friends!

Bingo Blitz: If you could add one feature, city or thing to Bingo Blitz, what would it be and why? 

Joni:  The ingredients’ names to the golden ticket selection feature. So many great additions have been implemented lately, I just wish this would’ve been one of them.

I LOVE and depend on this game for my “getaway”!!  Thank you BB for always being there!

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