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A new friend is here to make your Bingo experience even more fun!

There are few things as wonderful as having a furry friend and you just got a new one.



Cheeks is the newest addition in the amazing universe of Bingo Blitz and he’s here to make your days brighter, and your gameplay even more fun.

Other than looking adorable and being your faithful companion, your pet has a special ability that will help you win Bingo rounds faster.

Cheeks does that by throwing Free Daubs on your cards. This will not only improve your chances of winning, it will also charge your Power-Up bar.

Cheeks can help you win in all the Seasonal Rooms and all Map Rooms starting with Tokyo.

If you want Cheeks to play Bingo with you, he’s going to need all the energy he can get, so make sure you feed your hamster! Collect Pet Food, let Cheeks munch on it and he’ll be ready to help you in your next Bingo rounds.

Pet Food is available in Chests, and as Event rewards!

You can check your Pet Food balance in the top left corner of the screen. There is a limit on how much Pet Food you can collect by playing the game, which you can see right next to the balance. However, if you’d like to get even more Food, you can always purchase it from our Store.

If ‘Charlie Cheeks’ doesn’t feel quite right to you, you have the option of changing the first name.

Simply click on the button next to the name and type in your hamster’s new name.

 Give Cheeks a chance to brighten your day and daub along with you! Good luck, Blitzers!


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