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Collection Pass

If having an Ace up your sleeve sounds like something you’d be interested in, this exciting new addition might just be what you’re looking for!

Say goodbye to struggling to complete a room and say hello to your newest in-game aid, the Collection Pass!


The Collection Pass is a new, rare, and exclusive reward, which you can win from a myriad of sources: Events, Quests, Gifts, Balloons, Teams, and Special Dishes.

With this amazing new reward, you can choose any Collection Item or Puzzle Piece you need to complete a room.

Here’s how it works!


Once you collect your Collection Pass, you’ll be prompted with the following screen:


The Collection Pass will be stored in your Adventure Book, which you can access from your Menu!

You can access it at any time while the Pass is valid. So keep an eye on the expiry date!


Choose a Pic from your Adventures to use your Collection Pass on.

Click on the Use button and watch the magic unfold!





Make sure you have the latest update of BINGO Blitz installed so you can have the smoothest possible experience while using the Collection Pass. 


Good luck, Blitzers!



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