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Map Rooms

A short read on how to play in Map Rooms, which will be useful especially if you've just started your Bingo journey!

Traveling is amazing. There are few things in life as wonderful as going sightseeing and taking in other cultures and customs.

We’re all about seeing as much of the world as we can, and we’d like to take you along!

Start your journey with our ever-expanding map, filled to the brim with amazing rooms from all over the world!

Map Rooms work in an easy and intuitive way. Get Bingo by completing one of the winning patterns.


Boost your cards and choose wisely!

The boost you choose to play affects how many Collection Items you get each round and the size of your reward.


Choosing a bigger boost also means bigger prizes in Trivial Blitz.

If you’re wondering what that is, you’ll find out while taking the tour of the world’s most beautiful places through bingo rounds.

It’s a chance to test your knowledge and to get rewarded!

Once you daub one of the numbers with the Trivia card on it, wait for the end of the round. Answer the Trivia questions and win amazing Credit prizes.

Complete all three tiers and enjoy Credits galore!

Collect all the Collection Items in the room, advance to the next one, and enjoy the Completion Prizes.

Watch the bridges drop as you conquer the Map one Island at a time!

Reaching the End of the Map is something that should be celebrated, so when you complete the last available Island, your hard work will be rewarded.

We regularly launch new rooms for you to enjoy so keep an eye on the Map.

Pack your bags and get ready for the trip of a lifetime!

Good luck, Blitzers!

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