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Pantry Passes!

Check out the new Pantry Passes, Blitzers!

Now there’s more of them, everywhere in the game!

Since Moxie became the head Chef of her own Cooking School, she’s been thinking of ways to help her students have the best time making more dishes!
She finally came up with the idea of extra Pantry Passes!

Now, there are 3 different types of Pantry Passes – Bronze, Silver and Gold!
• Using the Bronze one, you can get any Ingredient up to ** Rarity
• Using the Silver one, you can get any Ingredient up to **** Rarity
• Using the Gold one, you can get any Ingredient, including Special or Moxie ones!

Let’s have a look over how to use them!

When you tap on an Ingredient you need and you have a Pantry Pass available, you will get the option to use the Pantry Pass to gain the Ingredient, just as before!

Depending on what Pantry Passes you have in your inventory, the game will automatically let you use the one closest to your desired Ingredient’s rarity.

For example, I want to use a Pantry Pass to get Basil and I have one of each Pantry Pass.
Since its rarity is *, instead of using a Gold or Silver Pantry Pass, the game automatically lets me use the Bronze one.

You can see how many Pantry Passes you have in the upper left corner!
If you click on any of the Pantry Passes, you can see when they’ll expire. Make sure to use them while they last!

You can get them from Quests, Events , Bingo Rooms and more.

Happy flavor picking!


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