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Bonus Buds!

Invite your friends and get rewards as they progress in the game! Playing together has never been more fun!

Playing together has never been more fun!

Blitzy knows how important friends are and how they take playing to another level, so he came up with a way of combining friendship, Bingo Blitz and rewards – all in Bonus Buds!


Let’s see how it works!

1. Invite your friends to play Bingo Blitz alongside you.
2. As your friends move along the trail and reach cities, you will gain Hearts!
3. Get rewards and the Love Bar fills with Hearts!

How do you invite friends to join the Bingo Blitz world?

All you need to do is go to your Friend Center and click on the Invite icon! Here you will also find a timer counting down until the challenge ends.

Once you click on it, the link has been copied and now you can share it with your friends.

Your friends need to click on the link and then they will start the trail once they reach Madrid!

As they make progress in the game and reach new cities, you will get Hearts. How lovely!

The Love Bar will fill with Hearts, you’ll reach Milestones and get rewards!

Gather your friends and let’s play!
Good luck everyone!


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