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Double the Blitz

Get ready to experience double the fun and double the rewards with the exclusive PLUS room - Double the Blitz!

Double the fun, Double the rewards, Double the Blitz, all with the amazing PLUS subscription!

PLUS players, get ready to experience the latest, most phenomenal room made especially for you!

How does it work?

Get a winning pattern on a card to get a Bingo! Horizontally, diagonally, vertically, corners – you name it!

Make the most out of the Instant Cooldown and use Power-Ups to finish the round faster!

Once it appears, the room can be played for 4 days only, so be sure to complete the Puzzle before it closes!

So little time, you say?

Well, no need to worry about that! The Double the Blitz PLUS room will pop up again in a few weeks. You will get the chance to play in it and complete a new Puzzle once more!

PLUS players, get ready to experience Double the Blitz and get double the rewards for BINGO along the way!

Blitzers, make sure your PLUS subscription is active if you want to try this special room!



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