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Tournament of Champs

Do you have your equipment? Your provisions? And most importantly, your determination?
If yes, then let's climb!

The Tournament has officially started!

Be the first to reach the top and conquer the Mountain!

How to play

• Play Bingo rounds and get Trophies
• Make progress in the Tournament and watch the Leaderboard.
• Reach the top of the Leaderboard before the time runs out.
• Give it your best and win the top prizes!

The prizes will reach your Gift Center after the Tournament ends.

Please keep in mind that when you play Bingo a few minutes before the Tournament ends, the Trophies that usually appear on your Bingo cards may not show up. Why? Because your Bingo round may end after the Tournament timer runs out, so we need to tally up and give out all player rewards beforehand. It’s important to us that you and everyone else will get their prize right on time!

Ready, Set, Go, Blitzers!

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