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Best Place to Play PLUS

Always have your PLUS subscription active on!

Is your PLUS subscription no longer working with Facebook? Have no worries, dear player, for Blitzy is here to help!

Knowing how important the PLUS subscription is for you, Blitzy put together the steps for getting it straight from, the home of Bingo Blitz!

By getting the PLUS subscription from Bingo Blitz directly, you can be sure that this situation doesn’t happen again and that you always have your PLUS perks active!

Now, let’s see some of the benefits of having it here, in addition to the usual ones! All of them are only a click away, by Playing Now!

Benefits of

• When you join, along with the PLUS subscription you get a gift of Gems, a Golden Pantry Pass and a Collection Pass – how awesome!
• 5% more on every purchase!
• Additional Gifts and Coupons!

How to get the PLUS subscription

• Go to and log in!

• Click on the Menu Icon

• Go to Bingo Blitz PLUS

• Here you can see all the benefits PLUS has to offer
• Click on the Green Button

• Click on your preferred payment method!

• Put the information in the form


And that’s it! You got PLUS on and can continue to enjoy the benefits without any worry.




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