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Hold on tight to the ropes, mates! Captain Quillian spies on the horizon a creature of myth!
The Kraken is in sight and brings with him treasures unseen.

Play IncrediBall against the Kraken and win the biggest rewards in Bingo Blitz!

How to Play

Drop an IncrediBall from any of they cannons at the top of the screen.
Watch the cannonballs hit their marks and bounce across the screen, bringing Credits and Bonus Rewards!

Kraken Frenzy

Amazing aim, sailor! If you hit the Kraken enough times, he’ll light up and go into a Frenzy.
Cannonballs will rain and along with them Treasures out of this world that are yours for the taking!

So, prepare to claim the best Loot along Captain Quillian and the Kraken!


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