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Everything you need to know about Power-Ups and how to use them.

There are a total of 9 power-ups that can be used in Bingo Blitz.

These power-ups can be used one time or multiple times during a Bingo round.


The following power-ups can only be used one time per round:

Treasure Chest

Double Payout

Instant Win

Triple Daub

Super Charger

Double XP

Wild Daub


These power-ups can be used multiple times during a round:

Single Daub

Double Daub

If you’ve already activated every one of your single-use Power-Ups during a round or if you run out of Power-Ups altogether, the Power-Up Bar will display the message “Click to buy more”.

Power-ups can be won by completing Quests and Promotions, received as Gifts, and bought from the Store.

In some of the bonus games, you might find that not all Power-Ups can be used (i.e., Instant Wins in Blackout rooms like Inspector Groovy and Blitzy Daub Home).


Good luck, Blitzers!

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