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Lucky Number

Are you feeling lucky today? Would you like to feel extra lucky? Now you can, with BINGO Blitz’s newest feature: Lucky Number. 


Here’s how it works!

The first step is choosing any number between 1 and 75 before your BINGO round starts.

If you’re feeling uninspired, you can always count on the shuffle button.

Once you choose your number, watch it turn gold and get to daubing. Time to Get Lucky!

Once your BINGO round starts, stay focused on the Caller. Your Lucky Number might just be the next one called.

The best part is that you can daub the Lucky Number any way you want! If your number doesn’t get called, you still have your Single, Double and Triple Daub Power-Ups, Wild Daub or through the room’s feature.

Make sure to put them to good use!

Each Lucky Number you hit brings you amazing rewards, but it gets even better.

If the odds are in your favor, you just might get the chance to hit your number on all four cards. That’s how you get the amazing Lucky Bonanza!

Keep your eyes on the chat to see what other players are choosing. The hot number is the most picked one by the others!

Is luck on your side, Blitzers? Find out with Lucky Number!

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