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Ring ring!

Who could it be?

It’s Nana! She and her friends are in the midst of a hair-raising Trivia Night.
She’s not sure about the answer to a question, so she thought calling you to help was the way to winning!

It’s your time to shine now! Help Nana answer the question correctly and win awesome rewards (and maybe show off a little in front of her friends)!

How to Play?

Firstly, you have to play on 4 Cards!
On one of the cards there will be a Trivia Ticket, which you’ll need to daub.
By daubing it, you’ll get a Trivia question at the end of the round!

This is what the Trivia Ticket looks like!

Lastly, pick the answer before the time runs out!

Nanna’s counting on you!
Good luck, brainy Blitzer, and don’t forget to have fun!




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